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Category Company/Organization

Animal and Environmental Protection

The Animal Rescue Site


Castaway Critters

Conservation International

Defenders of Wildlife and Wildlife Adoptions

The Dogs' Den

Earth Island Institute

Furry Friends Network

Humane Society of Harrisburg Area

The Nobody's Cats Foundation

Operation Kindness

Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA)

Pet and Animal Emergency Planning

Pet-Proofing Your Home and Yard

Pet Safety, Expertise, LLC

The Phoenix Rescue Group

The Rainforest Site

Save Japan Dolphins

Save Our Seabirds

Texas SPCA

The Spring Connection

World Vets

World Wildlife Fund

Assistance Resources

Adult-Dog Fostering Program

Assistance-Dog/Service-Dog Resources

Help with Pet Veterinary Costs

Service Dogs for America

VA Benefits for Service Dogs


NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day




Children and Humanitarian Efforts

After School Care Programs


Autism Speaks

Caring 4 Our Kids

Charity Water

Sanctuary for Kids

Save the Children

The Spring Connection

United Methodist Home for Children (UMHC)




Jeffrey Stoner Photography

Products and Shopping

Blue Dog Pet Shop

Shopping Green for Your Pet

The Spring Connection

Search Engines


Training Development and Training (Softskill and Computer)

Custom Training Institute (CTI)

English That Works

English with Katie

Omega Prime

Peak Solutions

V.Wright & Associates

Website Hosting


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